Fear Not your Panic Attack – Understand it Better for better Coping

Panic attack is nothing but a period of irrational fear which is intense in nature and is usually associated with other fears.

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This panic attack can not be ignored just like that because nearly one third of the people living in United States of America alone are toiling due to this problem. This panic attack usually lasts for a period of thirty minutes.

The duration of the attack can be longer or shorter than this. There will few symptoms that are associated with panic attacks. The symptoms are shortness of breath and trembling.

However these symptoms are seen in panic attacks of minor intensity only. In severe form of panic attacks, hyperventilation of the heart, palpitations, choking, smothering etc can be noticed.

These symptoms can appear separately or combined with one another. The person may have very severe pain at the time of severe panic attacks.

As per the medical community the panic attacks usually starts from the other fears. For example let us consider that a person is suffering from claustrophobia, fear of closed places. If the same person is kept in a closed room for some reason, panic attacks are triggered by claustrophobia.

The person will get tense and try his level best to come out of such situation in order to get relieved from the panic attacks. If such escape way is not possible, the symptoms of panic attacks such as the pain, breathlessness, palpitation of the heart etc may call for medical attention.

Suppose the person is in a place where the immediate medical attention is not forthcoming, then the situation becomes very tricky. It is very difficult for the others to find out the cause of the problem too, as the person was otherwise normal, just preceding panic attack.

The panic attacks are so sudden, not only the sufferers but also the others who are with him are taken by surprise and will not know how to react.

As per the statistical information nearly one tenth of the global population is suffering from panic attacks. In most case the underlying cause of the problem is not diagnosed.

The other problem is that out of this one tenth population most of them are not aware that they are having problem. The completely healthy looking persons too become the victims.

As discussed earlier, the duration and intensity of the panic attacks varies from person to person. In the same gender difference is also has some relevance to the vulnerability to panic attacks.

The females are more prone for panic attacks. But in general the intensity of the attack will be less severe in females than males. The individual will be physically exhausted and tired at the end of the panic attack episode.

The reason for this is at his time of panic attack adrenaline will be released in larger quantities. As the panic attacks makes way for the normalcy, the adrenalin level too reduces as the result the person will be physical exhausted.

This kind of unwanted body reaction, if noticed often, then that is not at all good for the health of the person. Hence it is advisable to consult the doctor as early as possible.

The doctor will check the patient physically and psychologically to find out the root cause of the problem. Once the root cause of the problem is eliminated then the incidence of panic attacks will be reduced dramatically.

The doctor can also prescribe some anti-anxiety medication to ward off the side effects at the time of panic attack.

The Root Cause of PARKINSON'S - And How To Reverse It!

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