What is Bipolarity and How it is Akin to Panic Attacks in You?

Bipolarity causes disturbance to the emotional and mental stability, there is absolutely no doubt about it. The ill-effects of bipolarity can get worse if combined with anxiety. So many researches were conducted to establish the link between the diseases like panic attack, bipolarity and anxiety.

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The anxiety is the outcome of the panic attack and bipolarity. This is the general belief, though the same was not proved by scientifically.

Whatever may be the reason, the panic attack or any kind of fear makes the person to keep away from the society and the world that surrounds him/her.In short the person who is suffering from panic attack and bipolarity becomes mentally and physically weak.

The people who are suffering from bipolarity will exhibit symptoms and those symptoms resemble panic attack symptoms.

The symptoms that are noticed in both bipolarity and panic attacks are breathlessness, palpitation, excess sweating and anxiety.

The person will have confusion, depression, obsession, sleep disorders, compulsion and behavioral changes that are noticed is mentally unstable persons.

The worst part of this problem is that the sufferers will depend on drugs in order to reduce the symptoms and keep them under control.

In most cases, these so called drugs lose their efficacy in the long run gradually and will lose potency totally after some time. The drug cannot be withdrawn all of the sudden.

The withdrawal symptoms will be worse than the actual problem. In order to avoid this kind of complication, the doctors often change the drugs in between , there by not allowing the mind and body get used to those drugs. Of course changing the drug can also affect the brain and the body of the person.

Hence the changing of the drugs has to be done very carefully and gradually. But many doctors strongly believe that the person who is suffering from bipolarity and panic attack can lead a very normal life, if he/she is put on right kind of drug.

There are few who will not be showing any kind of improvement to drug therapy. The doctor will subject those individuals to various diagnostic tests in order to find out the reason for failure of the treatment.

Perhaps these people are not suffering from bipolarity problem. Instead they may be having health complications that are very similar to bipolarity. In that case the treatment attempted for bipolarity will certainly not solve the problem.

The symptoms that are noticed in them may resemble the one that is seen in those who are suffering from bipolarity. But the person should be checked for lack of mental equilibrium which is the most important symptom of bipolarity.

The person who is suffering from panic attack will have mental imbalance only for short period of time, but the people who are victims of bipolarity will have lack of mental equilibrium for long time. But one thing is very sure, the bipolarity, panic attacks and anxiety are linked.

It is the responsibility of the doctor to disrupt the link that exists between them, in order to protect the person from them.

All these health problems needs to be diagnosed properly as the symptoms are almost same and treated accordingly. If the condition is diagnosed wrongly, then the treatment given will go wrong and the recovery of the individual will not be possible.

The Root Cause of PARKINSON'S - And How To Reverse It!

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