Concerned about Your Child’s Panic Attack? Don’t Panic, Medical Treatments are there to Assist You

The panic attacks both males and females and even the children are not spared by that. It is really challenging to treat the children with the panic attack.

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The parents are not comfortable with the thought of treating the children with drugs. The reason is that the medications used for this purpose affect the functioning of the brain.

The parents are very worried to treat the children with drugs because of the possible side effects of the drugs.Treating the children with drug for panic attack should never be the first attempt but at the same time that options must not be ruled out in total.

The treatment of the children suffering from panic attack must be very carefully executed. Let us take the diabetes treatment for comparison.

In diabetes, if the condition is not very severe the doctor will only advise certain changes in the food habit and life style. If those changes are not bringing about the desired results, then the doctor will start administering the drugs that control the diabetes.

In the similar way, the panic attack in children must also be treated. The doctor will try making some adjustments in the life style and advise the children from staying away from the triggering factors. Only as the last resort the drug treatment will be thought off.

There are so many drugs that are in use for treating the panic attacks in children. They are paxil, Zoloft, luvox and prozac to name a few. These drugs help the children in a big way to cope up with the panic attacks.

The children who are on any one of these drugs will be in a better position to tackle the panic attacks than those who are not consuming these drugs. These drugs mode of action is very simple.

The serotonin secretion in the brain is increased in those who are on these drugs. Serotonin is the one that controls the mood, sleep problems and mental aggression etc.

Further to this the serotonin helps to mitigate the sufferings of the panic attack by improving the confidence level of the person and pulling the person out of depression.

The important point that needs to be noted here is that like all other medications these drugs too have various side effects such as diarrhea, changes in behavior etc.

These side effects are noticed more during the initial phase of the treatment and latter on they subside gradually. It is always better to administer these drugs in lower doses as the organ involved is brain.

These drugs that are discussed above don’t bring about the same response in all the individuals treated. In some these drugs will bring about dramatic turn around while in some others there won’t be any positive effects.

In case the drugs are not found to be effective, they need to be stopped at once. Other medication can be tried for some time or the medication option can be ruled out.

Continuing the medicine knowing that it is not effective is very dangerous practice which can result in serious health complications.

Hence the onus is on the parent to monitor the children behavior very closely when they are on these medications. The observations of the parents must be immediately reported to the doctor who will advise the parent appropriately.

The Root Cause of PARKINSON'S - And How To Reverse It!

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