How and Why the After Effects of a Panic Attack are Equally Painful?

The duration of panic attack may be short, let us say two to six minutes. But the after effects of panic attack linger longer enough to bother the sufferer. The flash back is the very common after effect of the panic attack.

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Here the person will think the moment he/she experienced the first panic attack. The suffering experienced and the negative feeling that thronged the mind at that time will come to the mind of the person.

The flash back will be very fresh as if it happened just few days back. These flashbacks will bother the more than or as much as the panic attacks itself.

Flash backs and the ill effects of the flash backs will haunt the person more than anything. The person will be more perplexed now because he/she will know for sure that panic that he/she had earlier was not the stray incident and will come again in the future too.

This will further weaken the person both physically and mentally. The other problem that is associated with flash backs is that it will appear again and again and keep troubling the person more than the actual panic attack.

The other big trouble with the panic attack and the flash back is that the person will never be able to judge when the panic attack will come again. There will not be any forewarning for the panic attacks.

But many experts believe firmly that certain incidences such as the place at which the first panic attack was experienced, the similar situation where the person had panic attack for the first time etc can trigger the panic attacks.

Furthermore the flash backs need not follow the panic attack immediately. The flashback can come to the mind few days, few months or even few years after the panic attack.

In short the flash backs can utterly damage the confidence of the otherwise active and healthy person. The psychological impacts on the person will be more damaging than physical discomforts such as palpitation, breathlessness etc.

The other important long term ill effect of the panic attacks are the side effects of the drugs that were used to reduce the suffering of the individual.

The one is the side effect of the drug and the other is the dependency of the drugs even though when they are required to mitigate the sufferings. Some of the prescription drug do increase the weight of the person and result in the formation of the acne.

These side effects are minor. But the same prescription drugs can lead to more severe side effects such as depression, seizures, mood swings, feeling of suicide etc. The reason is that these prescription drugs alter the mind of the person when used.

The withdrawal symptoms are the other problems that need to be tackled. The mind fails to adjust itself quickly to the situation when these drugs are withdrawn from the body which results in unexpected troubles.

As the result the doctors who are in to treating the patients for panic attack, will withdraw the drugs gradually and not suddenly.

This way the mind is trained to cope up with the withdrawal of drugs. This procedure certainly alleviates the unwanted troubles that follow the sudden drug withdrawal.

The Root Cause of PARKINSON'S - And How To Reverse It!

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