Know How Your Panic Attack Gets Exhibited as Significant Symptoms?

The panic attack is kind of fear syndrome. The symptoms of the panic attack remains the same irrespective of the sex, age etc of the sufferer in most cases. Palpitation of the heart, brief breathlessness, sweating in the hands (palm), pain, and mental confusion are to name few. The person who is having any one of the symptom must know what it is.

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Besides the person must also know what will happen for the next few minutes and should be prepared to face it. If this knowledge is lacking, then the person will suffer more both mentally and physically.

The most important and common symptom that is visualized during the panic attack is anxiety.In most cases the panic attack is triggered by other kind of fear such as fear of height, fear of closed room, fear of open area, fear of crowd etc.

The person, who has this kind of phobia, if attacked by panic, will be troubled too much physically and mentally. If such persons are not aware that they are suffering from condition called panic attack which needs medical attention or physician intervention, then they will try to isolate themselves from the society.This will further complicate the problem, because there is a possibility that they will get in to a state of depression.

The other problem as far as panic attack is concerned is that it can push the person to alcohol or drug dependant. This happens as some people took to alcohol or drug, thinking that they can mask their anxiety. If the person becomes an alcoholic or drug abuser then the health and the life of the person will be doomed for sure.

Hence the best way to curb and get out of panic attack is nothing but taking the help of the doctor. The doctor will help the patients by diagnosing the underlying the cause properly and by treating it.

There are so many medications that help to reduce the anxiety and related problems. The doctor will prescribe those to mitigate the sufferings of the person.

The other important symptom of panic attack is social anxiety. The person will be reluctant to come public and will avoid any social outing.

This is because the person will not be comfortable at all while speaking to the crowd. He/she will stammer, have dry mouth, will be searching for words and will have all sorts of difficulties.

As the result the person will be labeled as too shy, introvert and so on. Such people will receive very little respect from the society and the peer group.

This will further reduce the confidence level of the sufferers and they will never ever try to overcome the problem thinking that they are totally unfit.

Obsessive compulsive disorder is the other symptom that can be seen associated with panic attack. The sufferers of this disorder will be thinking only about a particular subject and nothing else will come to their mind.

These people will be engaged in similar thought till they get distressed. A group of people are of the opinion that obsessive compulsive disorder is good for those who want to achieve some thing in their life.

They further feel that all people would have fallen victim to obsessive compulsive disorder at some point of time in their life and would have recovered on their own, once their objective was achieved. But few over indulge in particular thought which creates problem and needs medical attention.

The Root Cause of PARKINSON'S - And How To Reverse It!

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