Understand the Myth of Smoking Habit Controlling Your Panic Attack

There is feeling among the smokers that it calms the nerves. Because of this feeling, people indulge in smoking after heavy meal, during lunch break, after dinner etc. But this belief is totally wrong. Smoking in no ways calms the nerves.

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In reality, smoking in addition to damaging the respiratory system, damages the brain too. Hence smoking habit needs to be curbed at any cost. Respiratory system is the one which brings in the vital oxygen to the body.

One can imagine the damage caused to the body if than vital system is damaged. Smokers are more prone for panic attack too. As per the statistical information, the smokers are three times more vulnerable to panic attacks when compared with the non-smokers.

The symptoms of the panic attacks such as sweating, breathlessness, dizziness, pain in the chest etc are worsened by the smoking habit. In addition to this, smoking can be the reason for occurrence of panic attacks.

As per the assertions of Mr. Donald .F [managing director of state psychiatric institute, New York] and Naomi Breslau, [PhD] faculty of the New York psychiatric institute, there is a strong relationship between the smoking and the panic attacks.

The smokers are at greater risk of developing the panic attacks. In smokers, the occurrence of panic attack reduced greatly in number in case they quit smoking. This further proves the assertion of few experts like Mr. Donald.F.

However some other experts are of the opinion that quitting smoking all of a sudden can trigger panic attacks. But there is no research or statistical data to prove their stand.

The tobacco smoking will increase the incidences of the panic attacks in case the person is already suffering because of panic attacks. Nicotine can also play similar role like tobacco as far as triggering the panic attack is concerned.

Nicotine interferes with the functioning of the brain in many ways. Many researchers are on the job to understand the role of nicotine in altering the functions of the brain. As there are no beneficial effects in smoking and the health hazards are plenty, smoking requires to be stopped as early as possible but gradually.

As per Mr. Breslau, panic attack is the response of the body against the stress. Since smoking is a stress on the body, panic attacks can be very well triggered by smoking.

It is better that the person who is a victim of panic attack, quits smoking. This will do a lot of good to the body. Quitting smoking habit not only reduces the incidence of the panic attack but also prevent the person from countless health hazards.

As many think, quitting smoking habit is not all that easy. The smokers will vouch for this. But one must think loudly about the advantages and disadvantages of the smoking. The disadvantages will simply outweigh the advantages.

Hence smoking must be stopped at any cost. For some it may take some more time to quit smoking. But that’s ok. Late is always better than never.

Besides panic attacks smoking can lead to life threatening lung cancer, heart attacks etc. So, saying good bye to smoking once for all is the best, is it not?

The Root Cause of PARKINSON'S - And How To Reverse It!

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